Kia Finance America Payoff Address

After months or years of making auto loan payments, finally paying off your Kia financing is an important milestone. As you get ready to make that last payment and close out your loan, making sure you send funds to the correct Kia Finance America address is crucial for a smooth payoff process. Read on for the key details on where to mail or deliver payments to finalize your obligations and take ownership of your Kia vehicle.


Understanding the Proper Channels for Loan Payoffs

Kia Finance America has a headquarters location in Newport Beach, California that houses the administrative offices for their lending services. However, this main office should NOT be used as the destination for paying off your auto loan. Sending checks there could result in delayed payment processing or other complications.

Instead, Kia has a dedicated Payment Processing Center specifically equipped to handle loan payoffs from across the United States efficiently. This facility has staff well-versed in swiftly matching final payments to loan accounts for closure.

The Full Address Details

When you are ready to make your final Kia auto loan payment, the proper facility to mail it to or deliver in person is:

Kia Motors Finance
Attn: Payoff Department
P.O. Box 2100
Anaheim, CA 92815-2100

This Anaheim P.O. Box is set up for Kia’s payoff processing procedures. Be sure to send a check or money order made out to Kia Motors Finance to this address. Payoffs sent in cash cannot be accepted.

What to Include for Identifying Your Account

Clearly write your 10-digit Kia Finance account number and a phone number on your payoff check or money order. This ensures the payment processor can match your funds to the correct loan account. It’s also wise to include a signed letter identifying the year, make, model, and VIN of your Kia vehicle, as well as formally requesting account closure and title release upon payment processing.

Providing your current address is important as well so the paid-off title can be delivered to you promptly. Following these tips will streamline identifying your account and finalizing your payoff accurately.


In-Person Payoff Option

While the centralized P.O. Box is structured to swiftly handle mailed loan payoffs from around the country, Kia Finance does also have local branch offices. You can choose to visit a branch in-person to finish repaying your loan if preferred. The staff will guide you through closing documentation and make sure your account gets flagged as paid-in-full.

Paying Off Your Loan the Right Way

Tying up loose ends with your lender is key as you finish repaying your Kia auto loan. Now that you understand the appropriate Kia Finance America payoff address to mail that final payment to, you can feel confident handling those last steps efficiently. Taking a few simple precautions with your payoff check will set you up for a smooth transition to your vehicle’s ownership.


What happens if I send my last payment to the wrong address?

Sending your final loan payment to the wrong address could result in processing delays, complications getting your payment matched to your account, or even the payment getting lost. Always make sure to use the dedicated Kia Finance America Payment Processing Center address provided.

When will I receive my vehicle title after the payoff?

You should receive your lien-free title in the mail within 15-30 days after Kia Finance America processes your final loan payment and closes out your account. The title will be mailed to the current address you provide in your payoff letter.

Can I use a personal check for the last payment if it’s from a different bank?

Yes, Kia Finance will accept a final loan payoff check from any bank account, as long as it clears. Just be sure your full 10-digit account number and phone number are written clearly on the check for tracking purposes.

Should I get a receipt or confirmation after mailing my last payment?

It can be wise to send your payment via “certified mail” or a traceable courier service so you have delivery confirmation showing it reached the payoff processing facility. You can also call Kia Finance’s customer service for account status updates after allowing some time for processing.


Completing repayment on your Kia auto loan is a big milestone, and handling those final steps correctly ensures everything wraps up smoothly. Now that you know the proper Kia Finance America payoff address to use and have answers to common final payment questions, you can move forward confidently. Sending your last payment to the right place expedites the account closure and title release procedures so you can fully enjoy the benefits of owning your vehicle outright.

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