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If you have an auto loan financed through Kia Motors Finance, you may appreciate the convenience of being able to make payments by phone. Paying by phone allows you to quickly handle your monthly car payment without having to write and mail checks. Read on for what you need to know about utilizing Kia Finance’s pay by phone system.


Understanding Automated Phone Payments

Kia Finance America provides an automated telephone system that gives borrowers the ability to make routine loan payments by phone. The system uses your phone’s touch-tone keypad to process payments from either your checking account or credit card once you input the required information.

To use the automated service, you simply need to call the pay by phone number provided specifically for Kia Finance borrowers and work through user-friendly voice prompts to complete your payment.

Have Your Account Details Handy

Before you dial into the pay by phone system, make sure you have your 10-digit Kia Finance account number, payment amount, and necessary account data handy to complete the payment steps smoothly.

The system will first prompt you to input your loan account number, followed by confirming your name and vehicle details on file. You’ll then need to enter the exact payment amount you wish to transact and follow additional voice instructions to input the banking or credit card data required to withdraw funds.

Keeping all this information organized beforehand ensures a quick, hassle-free experience paying over an automated phone line.

KIA Moter

Payment Amount Flexibility

A benefit of Kia’s pay by phone system is that you can pay any amount on your loan that suits your finances for that billing cycle. You aren’t limited to just making a single monthly payment amount.

So whether you need to defer a monthly installment and make a smaller payment, or want to pay extra principal on your loan, the automated service accommodates adjusting payment amounts as needed.

Added Security Measures

While the convenience of phoning in payments is appealing, it’s understandable to have security concerns around providing confidential financial data over the phone. Rest assured Kia Finance utilizes secure encryption technology with its pay by phone system to protect callers’ account information.

You also have the option to set up authentication passwords or verbal confirmation steps during the process for added protection at your discretion. Just follow the voice prompts guiding security options when first enrolling.

Round-the-Clock Access

Kia Finance’s automated pay by phone line allows you to make payments 24/7 based on whenever it’s most convenient for your schedule. Whether early morning, late at night, weekends or holidays, you’ll never miss being able to handle your bill thanks to constant phone access. This perk makes managing your payments that much simpler.

Paying your loan obligations should be straightforward, and Kia Finance’s phone payment system delivers just that with its user-friendly interface. Give it try next time your monthly bill comes due!


What are the fees for paying by phone?

Kia Finance does not charge any fees for using their automated pay by phone system. It is a free service for borrowers. However, your bank or credit card company may charge cash advance fees.

What if I have multiple Kia Finance loans?

If you have more than one loan financed through Kia, the pay by phone system is able to take payments for multiple loans in the same call. Just have all your account details handy and follow the prompts.

Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes, Kia Finance’s phone payment system does give you the option to schedule recurring auto-payments from your checking account or credit card so your monthly amount is automatically paid on its due date.

What payment card networks are accepted?

The pay by phone line accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit card payments. It does not accept payments through third-party mobile wallets or other payment apps.


Kia Finance offers phone payments to make monthly bill management fast and hassle-free. By understanding how their automated system works, what information to have on hand, and the available security measures, any borrower can easily utilize pay by phone for convenient loan payments 24/7. Sign up through the simple voice activation process to have round-the-clock access next time your Kia loan payment comes due!

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